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Silgan Closures Collaborates with ORBIS Corporation to Create an Innovative New Caseless Product Delivery System

Silgan Closures, a leading designer and manufacturer of closures, ORBIS Corporation and Mid America Molds worked together in developing a “caseless” system for bottled products to replace traditional stacks of cases. The heart of the new system is the new ORBIS XpressBulk, a delivery and merchandising system that is able to move loads of bottled [...]

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How to Perform Steel Pull-up, Removal Torque, and Security Checks

At Silgan Closures, we go above and beyond to ensure we’re delivering a consistent and high-performing product. For steel closures, we perform different checks to ensure the closure is applied and will perform properly: Pull-up, Removal Torque, and Security. Before you get started, you’ll need: A thin felt-tip marker (the thinner the better!) A ruler [...]

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A Guide to Troubleshooting Metal Lug Caps

A Practical Guide to Troubleshooting the Application of Metal Lug Caps Lug caps are a type of metal cap used to seal glass bottles and jars, using a unique threading system. Rather than having a continuous thread, these caps have lugs–angled metal tabs positioned on the inside of the cap’s skirt that grip the [...]

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Come See Silgan at PackExpo, Booth #N-6035

  Silgan is excited to be a part of PackExpo 2018, held October 14-18 at McCormick Place in Chicago, IL. All Silgan divisions will be on hand demonstrating the latest innovations and product suite offerings. Executives, product managers, partners and customers will all be on hand to discuss best practices or strategize on the [...]

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Silgan Vision Upgrades its Popular 51R56 Vision Inspection System

Silgan Vision Upgrades its Popular 51R56 Vision Inspection System, Increasing Throughput Speeds to 1,200 Bottles per Minute Waukegan, IL ­– The Silgan Vision 51R56 vision inspection system inspects filled bottles for cocked, loose, and missing caps, damaged or missing tamper-evidence bands and low fill levels. Available system options include confirming proper cap color and [...]

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Get Smart About Food and Beverage Packaging for E-Commerce

The e-commerce distribution cycle of food and beverage products is vastly different than the traditional distribution cycle for shipping directly to stores. Here, we break it down for you by using a jar of pasta sauce as an example. Traditional Distribution Cycle (4 to 5 Touchpoints) Jars of pasta sauce in a traditional distribution [...]

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