Silgan Closures: Top 5 Takeaways from Silgan U Spring 2018

Recently, Silgan Closures hosted a two-day Silgan University (Silgan U) - College of Closures event at the Silgan Innovation Center. During this event, Silgan customers had the opportunity to learn the basics of food and beverage closure design and [...]

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Three Trending Developments in Plastic Closures in 2018

Silgan Closures is excited to discuss a few new innovative developments in plastic closures that are currently underway. Silgan Closures ensures to deliver new technologies based on consumer and industry needs in food and beverage [...]

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Silgan Closures Announces ELC Technology for Fitment Screw Caps

Silgan Closures is pleased to announce the availability of ELC gable top caps for cartons of all formats and sizes from 28 to 35 mm. In a recent focus group, consumers preferred the drop down tamper evidence feature. ELC [...]

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