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Aluminum Closures - Silgan U

Whether you are enjoying a nightcap or opening up a refreshing bottle of water, aluminum closures have become one of the most popular and versatile types of closures for all sorts of beverages. These trendsetters are not only making a statement on top of your favorite beverage products, but also in the environment by being one of the most recyclable packaging materials on the market! Take a trip through this course and learn more about aluminum closures and the process they go through to protect your favorite products.

Key Questions to Answer:

  • What is an Aluminum ROPP closure?
  • How do you apply ROPP closures to a bottle?
  • What are the different closure styles?
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The Lessons:

  • 101 Closure Basics
  • 102 Closure Materials and Innovation
  • 103 Testing & Manufacturing

Each lesson features educational videos that break down the topics, followed by short quizzes and exercises to test your knowledge. If this is your first time taking this course, we suggest starting with Aluminum 101: Closure Basics. See you at graduation!