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Steel Closures - Silgan U

Steel closures play a big role in helping protect the world’s food supply. This ranges from beverages like Coffee & Cold Brews, to food products like Pickles & Relish, and so much more! Surprisingly, closures are more complex than they seem. There are many different types of performance levels, procedures, and quality checks that you need to be trained on to understand their capabilities! Let us help you discover the knowledge and expertise that will provide you and your products closure.

Key Questions to Answer:

  • What is the difference between Lug and P-T closure?
  • What role does vacuum play in a closure’s performance?
  • How can you check removal torque to ensure quality?
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The Lessons:

  • 101 Closure Basics
  • 102 Closure Materials
  • 103 Testing & Manufacturing

Download our Closure Terms Glossary here and get familiar with important vocabulary and their definitions.

Each lesson features educational videos that breakdown each topic, followed by short quizzes and exercises to test your understanding. If this is your first time taking this course, we suggest to start with 101 Lug & P-T Closures. See you at graduation!

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